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Sam Cane Sam Kane, founder of Sam Kane Meat Processors and a legend in the food industry, passed away earlier this month in Corpus Christi at the age of 90.

Sam Kane held a special place in our hearts at Hausman Foods. He was the nephew of Fannie Hausman, the wife of our company's founder Sam Hausman, who sponsored his arrival in the U.S. in the days after the horrors of World War II. He had fought the Nazis and lost 12 of the 14 members of his Czechoslovakian family during the war.

Mr. Kane arrived with no knowledge of English or the meat business, and started out with a tiny meat counter in Corpus Christi. Today Sam Kane is one of the world's best known names in the meat industry.

"We are proud to have been a part of Sam Kane's story, and prouder to have known him and his remarkable family," said Hausman Foods President and CEO Steve McClure. "He will be missed, and his legacy of hard work and integrity will continue to inspire many, many people both inside and outside of our industry."

Corpus Christi Caller Times article about Sam Kane


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